Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Toy!

I have a new toy .. in the form of a manual SLR! Horray! 

Portrait Boxing day!

Its Boxing day today! Its pouring down rain which is what Ive been wishing for, Also means more of an excuse to be parked infront of a comuter screen. I have two portrait editions today. Recent random portrait.

From Top (All pen on paper) : Line work detail above and below each portrait.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at my place!

ts the Brisbane outer 'burbs. Its hot. We are begging for rain. 

Its Christmas and there is a stack load of delicious food arranged by the fam! (The best food I must say, seriously kills any other lunch ive ever had at previous xmas times!) The heat was bad ...  the food was the best. I have to say, this is the best xmas I have had in years!

Images taken today from top:
- Macadamia and pistachio's on a naked early morn table
- The backyard beckons
- My big Sisters (Amanda) BBQ salmon
- My hand picked bougainvillier, rosemary and wild flower bouquets on an early morn naked table
- Lego on persian
- Finished and presented salmon beside my watermelon and feta salad
- RARR! Animal stencil book. Awesome present
- Marinated red onion in red wine vinegar (for the mini roasted capsicum and risoni salad)
- Backyards bovainvillier
- My Christmas lunch
- Mango, avo and coriander chutney
-The last, last goodbye. (For the bear. Our dog has a new friend)
- Lastly, my last handpicked bouquet. Merry Christmas. x

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fillers for the little stockings in your eyes!

My eyes are so swollen {a year in words}
.. not anymore though, and havn't been for quite some time. What a relief.
pen on paper

Stranger Portrait
don't know who she is. but I got her face from a magazine, she looked to me like a 15th century peasent girl, couldnt resist my attempt at drawing her sad-ish face.

More Diamonds! 
Pen on paper
Wouldn't mind a diamond or two for a present. Perhaps some flowers? Why not both in one! The shape is appearing more and more in my drawings. Perhaps a theme is developing!

Portrait of Caitlin Sheedy
Pen on paper
Caitlin, Ive been thinking alot about her in the last few weeks. I wouldnt call her a freind anymore, more an old friend who you meet occasionally and say "we should hang more!". She tells me the same thing when I see her everytime "Joanne, that exhibiton invite is on my fridge. Everyone thinks its amaizing - we should do a show together again". The show wont happen. Either will us hanging.  

Bless her, she is a delicate doll looking creature with pale skin and red hair ...  aways wearing something floral. She loves her spirits and her wine, for such a small frame she can certainly knock it back. She is quite the painter. Maybe we should hang more. Maybe Ill give her a Christmas call? It wont happen.

Portrait of Caitlin Sheedy - flower detail
Pen on paper

Line Works x 2
pen on paper 

Lastly, Hesitant -  full version drawing {a year in words} 
pen on paper.

Today is Friday. Friday's are the new Saturdays - caus Im now on holiday! HAZZAH and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! SEE YOU ON BOXING DAY.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh my. Vasco Mourao, will you marry me?

Well, will you? We can have little drawings together? I won't mind moving to Spain.

This is my first {borrowed} post. 

This week I stumbled upon Vacso Mourao's work. These drawings are speaking love words to me!