Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Weekend in the City. The cool wind and the confusion!

Gallery of Modern Art, glowmesh, knitting needle bridges, cripsy halumi and cold beer.  What a weekend in the city! Out and about on my lonesome trying to see Brisbane in the same eyes as my 7 year old self ... when a trip to the city was all excitement in my best corduroy brown knickerbockers , although the few the trips were mostly to the hospital for my brother .. and then in later years for me. The prospect of the city during those times were so exciting. The cold wind and the confusion!

So, I set off for a walk through the city, bought a brooch, actually a replacement brooch ... the original fell off while walking around Dove Lake in Tasmania. I hope someone finds it. Like a real treasure. I had to buy a replacement, was happy to find a replacement! ... it looks like a Beatrix Potter bunny! In the city,  the wind nearly blew me over. Then GOMA, with the intention to visit the Valentino exhibition - after a little thinking - I realised best not to go own my own.  Who will I 'OOOHHHHHH' with ... point at textures and colour with? I would just look like young hobo making perhaps cringe and excitable faces. So,  I checked out the Douglas Kirkland photographic exhibition instead - the Michael Jackson documentation makes it WELL worth it! A must see. 

Another must see is the GOMA building itself. My favourite modern building in Brisbane. Thank you thank you thank you Brisbane for her. She is adorable, wonderful and exciting. GODMAN I LOVE YOU GOMA.

Had another close look at that big black slick sculpture out the front of the original gallery. Its been there... gee... since the 80s. I love it. The white out graffiti love heart on it looked shit. Why kids... why do you have to do such bad graffiti!

I had a nap on the slanty sloped green grass by the river and after listening to the sweet, boozy, scanky sounds of the party boat do a few laps of the river ... then set off for a snack and cold beer in West End at the Archive Beer Bar. What a treat this place is. Say hello to a stranger ... If they don't say hello back ... just keep moving.  There needs to me more casual hello's in Brisbane. I miss you stranger hello's.  I then shared a cold one with a little beauty by the name of Benita. Bought a brand new brooch from the Hi Fi markets. And walked. Walked and then walked ...

... then home time. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doodles, pastel pinks and wallpaper. Its Sunday.

 There are soo many things I don't miss ... like i use to.

Is a Sunday morning. Godman I love Sunday mornings. I have the whole place to myself, which entails a little obsessive compulsive pink pastel - ing and  doodling in a flanno in bed conjuring the existence of that strong coffee that should be by my side. I have the quite ive been wanting for for so long, only thing missing is the dreamboat ... who is actually on a boat somewhere else right now.

Its all calm and quite, blue skies outside, bad breath, highlighting bits from travel guides by the bed and thoughts of what to do today. After scourging all that pastel imagery down, I feel like getting out in the sun to see some bright colours.

 Im going to put my best brooch on and head to the Gallery of Modern Art for the Valentino Respective show on my lonesome - update next week. No cameras allowed ... Ill try out some photo ninja styling and see how I go - come home and make scones in the afternoon. 

First I need coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Godamn I love coffee.

HORRAH Sunday to you! I hope you will make the most! What are YOUR Sunday plans?

Pictures taken various locations + pen on paper + illustration overlay.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Blanket Magazine, you keep me warm at night & on such rainy days like today

Sending a huge, busting thankyou to Bec from Blanket Magazine for including me in the  the Landscape Issue, #24. 

This issue is RAD. I love this magazine ... so to be included really warms the little pockets in my heart. 
I am, and so is probably every other artist featured in the issue - obsessed with what we see. Need to document. Over and over. Im loving every other landscapes that are featured - one my fav's is by Mark Payne ... page 131. Check it.

Im positively beaming to be positioned next to Portugal Artist João Bento Soares  - coincidentally Im travelling to Portugal in 4 weeks time. Maybe Ill cross paths with the landscape João has featured. OR maybe even João in person. We will stand next to eachother like our artworks on the Blanket Magazine page - and not even know. 

Cradle Mountain & the Geometric was feature in I love saturdays a few weeks back. Oh, Cradle Mountain.  Oh Geometics. I love you.


Check out João Bento Soares from Two Dot Two -  multi-disciplinary communication studio. We are neighbours on paper now ... so I can call him a friend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.

A few posts ago, in response my 'what are your 3 fav things right now' a  follower of mine  told me her 3
favourite things right were Autumn, Hammock & Ease. I couldnt stop thinking about it. ease. The word is stuck ...