Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea and scones with the Lovely Lady Melbourne

A pastel coloured thankyou to Lady Melbourne for featuring I Love Saturdays in her most recent weekly newsletter.  Lady Melbournes fashion blog is a delight for all things beautiful, fashion and fallopian.

She is quite the babe and also has a kick ass header on her site. Who did it? Someone tell me, I LOVE It.

Follow the lovely Lady (not is a stalking way)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black Swans + Summer Snow, a Day in Versailles.

I very recently got delerious in Versailles. It was all frozen lakes and empty forest. The gardens and The Palace of Versailles made me all warm and familiar inside, I explored the grounds all day and rarely saw anyone. Looked hard on the walls and behind doors for little secrets, perhaps some scratches or inscriptions! It was lonely, scary, weird but beautiful in the grounds. Actually beautiful is a plain way to describe my day. Hours of exploring and my feet hurt so bad. I got lost and it got dark on me, the last photo was the last photo i could take in natural light ... this gives you an idea how much further I had to walk. I got the kind of scared you feel when you keep looking back ... imagining monsters slothing out of the woods.  My drawing doodle book down the back of my pants, my point and shoot in one pocket, my mind in the other!

All photos - taken on the grounds in the Palace of Versailles Paris on my hand point and shoot.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fingers Crossed for you my friend Queensland.

Not in the mood to draw, doodle, edit photos ... being evacuated with lots of time of my hands, there is not much I can currently do. Most of the state is in evacuation mode and at a stand still. Brisbane is currently in serious trouble. Queensland is a disaster zone. My town is flooded and getting worse. My recent post highlights our beaut Brisbane city ... but basically everything you see HERE is underwater, gone, drenched! Water is rising. Be safe Queenslanders. Fingers crossed for a new pink, pastel, dry, safe new day soon.

Myself and family are safe and dry, however there are alot of people across the state are in serious trouble.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The new year doesn't stay new for long. Huzzah to you reader!

I've been absent for a little while.  I have been away on my little adventure ... where every day was a blooming Saturday! Im finally back in my spot. Arms reach from my technic best buds and super ready for another whole year of Saturdays! I hope your Xmas and NY was full of festive fun. 

My time away was bursting with adventure and good ole times. Memorable moments include getting delusional while alone and lost in the massive Gardens of Versailles.  I saw a swan on the frozen lake and it was hilarious. It tipped me into delirium. I Spent a memorable time with a beautiful family in Wachenheim, Germany. We took Ronja the Giant Schnauzer walking every night at 10:30 though the snow covered forest, wine fields and town centre. Imagine the aesthetic,  walking this giant black dog in the pristine white snow. 

Another was a meeting with a stranger in Portugal, a talented designer doing good things ... a meeting constructed by Blanket Magazine Editor ... (reference: more on this in an upcoming post.  

I locked legs longer than necessary sitting across from a very handsome French man on the metro In Paris (dont tell dreamboat). One I cannot help but mention was the night I was fiercely lost in Warsaw, Poland ... with leather wearing large muscle men that smelt like Salami following me through the labriynth of streets. I was so lost ... but finally I found someone who could point me in the right direction ... a Polish woman about my age with black hair, pale skin and red lips, she spoke little english ... so she walked me all the way home. She saved my ass. I  hope to return the favour to some stranger. One more comes to mind, receiving a surprise package in the post. A story.  Reading it under a doona in a tiny carpeted flat in Kilburn, London. The story warmed my shrunken little heart.

The new year doesn't stay new for long, so thanks for visiting and sorry for that disappointing feeling you get when you click onto a site only to find it hasn't been updated in months. Its the worst. Anywho.

This is just a little bridge post ... just so you know I am not dead!

See you next Saturday! x

From top, all images taken on my adventure - point and shoot + Cannon 30D:
Doodle on notebook, France.
Red Fabric, Inside Palace of Versailles, France
Chandelier in Gothic abode, Portugal
Vintage Fabric, Portugal