Monday, March 28, 2011

I love you Lisbon.

Oh My God how I freaking love Lisbon, Portugal. Days getting lost in the street and riding the No. 28 tram. Handpainted tiles and walls and walls of pastel colours. I love you Lisbon, Marry me?

If you reader have a chance, go to Lisbon. So modest and lovely.

All photos taken by point + shoot and Cannon 30D with doodle, illustration overlays done on the tram, or on the street while killing time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Manteaux de fourrure et regard seul ...


Lonely In France with fur coats. So many Fur Coats. This woman in the fur coat in my pictures above was the only person I saw that afternoon, I said bonjour she scoured at me and kept walking. It felt like she had popped up from the past ... mean old French ghost of Marie Antoinette.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things Lovely + Wasted Time

Wasting time on paper pages and all things lovely.

Pen on paper doodles + all images taken with Cannon 30D.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The farthest away and I succeeded, stalking in Paris.

Being alone in Paris meant I met a lot of strangers. Mostly ... ones I didn't want to meet on the street late at night. I decided to make them feel uncomfortable in return, so I told them to smile for me while I took a picture of them ... all of a sudden, they stopped following me! Worked a treat.  Mostly. See above, I chose 2 men  ... these two men hassled and followed me. These portraits got them off my back! 

I  Drank lots of coffee and lots of exploring. I did my best not to draw attention to myself, so did some sneaky photos.  I ended up unfortunately with a lot of sets on legs. Here are some amongst some back street gem finds. Yael Neim describes the city so well. I think I enjoyed stalking the basketball players from behind a bush in the Eiffel Tower Park, they caught on ... and starting showing off. It was the BEST! 

I enjoyed watching the happenings in the park much more that being under the the actual Tower. No one was permitted to climb the tower. The workers were on strike. Fine with me, I would much rather support the workers for better pay. Farewell pretty Paris. x