Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Secret spots found in Sevilla. Night night to the NoDo's.

Obsessively finding NoDo symbols in Seville, embedded into the buildings, tiles, bricks, gates, door knobs, windowsills, everywhere ... fed me with the same excitement felt in finding those secret letters hidden in the pages of childhood illustrated book > Animalia. (I never found them them all, it drove me mad).  I explored hard in Seville and got tired from the searching. So I stopped regularly and doodled. Here are some. What a beautiful city.  My city Brisbane has no secret story like the NoDo and it's meaning, I have a sad feeling all Brisbane romance died with our Grandparents. 

Night night to you and all the unfound NoDo symbols!  x

Pen on paper doodles + photographs. Seville Spain.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Illustrations in Seville guide me home.

I didn't use any of my pocket maps to find my way around recently in  Seville, Spain. I had some magical internal guide showing me the way. So impressed with dyslexic myself.  I Love you Seville, be mine?

I used little doodles to help me guide my way home. All pen on paper.

Happy weekend reader - draw me a doodle won't you? HUZZAH!