Monday, July 18, 2011

Poland, my love. I entered the Royal Castle all alone.

The Chandeliers of the Royal Castle, Warsaw.  So much history gone, rebuilt + not the same.  I have so many pictures of Poland to share, but I feel a bit protective. I almost want them for my own eyes. Poland was so strange + lonely but infectious. I think about Poland often. I have a lot of stories too, but not sure who wants to hear them, so keep them quite.

Who doesn't love researching and watching documentaries of places before and after a visit. I just watched a documentary on the Warsaw uprising, it has prompted me to start here - a quick visit to the roofs of the rooms in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. There was not many people around, so I took photos ... lots of them.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Frankie's true doodles, time well spent.

So a little while back, the Frankie Magazine  blog sent me a Field Notes book to fill. The little note book arrived all wrapped up carefully in blue tissue paper and floral sticky tape (just like christmas!) with a sweet little hand written note by the lass' at Frankie … a very welcome, (and pretty) beginning to my little project indeed! I decided I would do this correctly. I took my field notes with me everywhere, always sitting at the bottom of my bag amongst a variety of red and pink pens. I doodled only when the time was right. At the Laundromat (sigh), when I arrived home in my car from work and didn't feel like getting out, waiting for the bus, doodling during Eurovision (only to stop for the really great trashy euro numbers). All was going ahead lovely until I drowned the poor thing on account of my water bottle flooding my bag (another object which I am never without). Pages and pages of line work and doodles were actually ruined, the paper had just disintegrated. 

I adopted a replacement book for a few days and just replaced some of the pages. Good as new. I photographed some of the pages above for reference, I got the urge in a friend's backyard … laid down my Polish floral red scarf + neon Laos bag on the dirt and wild grass, and got a picture takin'!

So dear Frankie  I'm sorry I have taken so long … my doodle book is on its way home to you next week. I promise. 

Im a little sad to send it away, I have become so attached to you my little doodle book. Farewell to you my sweet, sweet doodles, hope to see you at your new home on the Frankie blog soon.