Monday, August 22, 2011

Granada, amongst the runaways.

in complete contrast of my last post featuring the Luisa Rossitto colour explosion - the crispy white lonely streets of greens, blues, greys, + the afternoon sun in Granada Spain. One thing became really obvious to me not long after I arrived. The place is full of runaways. 

A Little gorgeous town full of secret streets and alleyways in hillsides. Walking the steep, steep cobbled stone streets and looking back to see the Sierra Nevada mountains basically from any view was such a delight.  I didn't get hassled at all and felt so comfortable walking around the runaway dreadlocks and smelly punks. they made me feel actually at home. I miss you Granada.

When the waiter brought me that tidbit of surprise tapa after every every glass of beer I purchased ...  I had to act normal and hold the excitement. I thought this would be previously impossible. I have never experienced such food ... good spanish food brought to me by handsome creatures to accompany my locally crafted beer? Literally my 2 favourite things, delicious food + good beer, hand in hand.  It was hard to grasp and felt like there was a catch. But there was none.   

I bought earrings for my sister and still waiting to see her wear them.  I love you Granada. You won't need to change and hope you don't.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Luisa Rossitto & the jungle fever.

A few Saturdays back, Luisa invited me into her studio to do a little documenting.  She paints in waterolour. They are so very lovely. She had a large painting stolen right off a gallery wall at her last show - she took it as the best compliment. Her work drove an individual to steal .... from the wall of the gallery. 

I adore her, she is an interesting, full hearted odd ball of dreamboat beauty.  The clashing pastels and neon colours in this body of work really drew me. I look at her works and see her. She loves karaoke, showed me some R-rated portraits she did, keeps all her visual diaries, plays a red ukulele and occasionally has afternoon naps on the floor of her studio. 

When she invited me to take some snaps, I felt all warm inside. To edit and select my favourite pics was a tedious job for me to upload to I Love Saturdays, I wanted to post so many photos, I had to stop somewhere. I began to feel like an obsessed lover, over thinking and looking too long at pictures of her face, her artwork, pictures of her working and moving and showing me the things she loved, collected and letters she wrote to her twin nieces. She keeps things.

There is so much detail and surprising little secrets hidden in her works ...  your eyeballs just want to explore and find all the treasures! Every detail in the works mean something and come from somewhere. Pictures of the nazi youth generation on pogo sticks jumping through layers of colourful delight!  Gorillas holding shot guns and a portrait of Tori Spelling in a bikini. A pink kangaroo and a sexy brunette. There was so much to document. I hope you like my pictures Luisa. 

It was really hard to take snaps and hang out with her at the same time, the small space bursting with her work  + dealing with how hilarious she is - I nearly couldn't multi-task the job. It was a total relief when she shouted me a post studio beer at the pub - I could look at her and actually interact like a normal person. It felt nice.

Her show 'Jungle Fever' kicks of tomorrow night in the valley at  Ryan Renshaw Gallery (137 Warry Street Fortitude Valley QLD)  6 - 8pm. If you are in town, GO! Your eyeballs are going to love it.

Thank you so much for inviting me in to your studio Luisa + thankyou for my little special treasure that arrived in the post. Its beautiful.

Ryan Renshaw Gallery

Good night! I hope you dream in jungle fever tonight.