Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lennox Heads & The Cliff Face

Saturday plans.
Beach, swim, get dirty.
That's it. 

No wait, let's be honest. Beer + afternoon food delights. 

I recently visited Lennox Heads, NSW and took some snaps of the lovely little sea side town! Above snaps also feature some illustration offcuts from a collaboration I recently tied up. More to come. 

Lennox Heads is just south of Byron Bay. What a town. Probably best not to really say too much, I don't want to 'out it' in fear it will be more known. There is no kids play park, no big car parks, no fences on what may seem dangerous cliff faces. No gigantic mansions, no leather backs or gold jewellery, just lots of beach shacks, open cliffs and headlands, natural paths to explore, corner stores and space. 

I crossed paths with 2 snakes, saw lots of whales in the sea and an eagle circled just above our heads (which turned out to mean something, but I can't say). If you want a quite beach trip. Do it! What the heck are you doing on Saturday - I need some more Saturday inspiration!