Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weekend & both of its ends

Last weekend & both of its ends. Here's what I got up to. Goddamn, I love Saturdays and Sundays.

Birthday Party for a special dreamboat. He deserves all the pink balloons I can get my mitts on!

Capturing faces, textures and people for the Weekend Edition - check them out

My first visit to the Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park. I love you Springbrook!

A drive alongside the M.C. Escher van.

Exploring the cane fields in the late afternoon behind Murwillumbah New South Wales.

Sorting out new prints and documenting test prints.

First time I watched Footloose. (I know, as an 80s lover, even I can't believe I had never seen it)

Watching the incredible sunsets from the top of the hill I now live. What a treat.

Breaking into, and exploring the remains of a demolished mansion on top of the said hill. What a shame, another beautiful, classic, old Brisbane home gone. Sigh!

Finally, stood in a field of clovers hoping for some good luck. Fingers crossed.

Here's to a new week …


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty pastels, gloomy skies & soft white snow. Moments in Lisbon, Paris & Wachenheim.

An afternoon in my new our of order work space.

Three Prints pictured above... pretty pastels, gloomy skies and soft white snow - Lisbon, Paris & Wachenheim.

Further from last week,  more experiments with some of my photographic works - printed on paper.

I look up to my wall to see moments under the Eiffel tower in Paris, on top of Wachtenburg castle in Wachenheim Germany and remember that feeling, the little secret burst of excitement inside an underpass, BelĂ©m,  Lisbon Portugal.

 Some very, very special moments reincarnated on paper! I am starting with small, approachable, portable prints …early days still. what do you think? Would you buy one? Collect, look and treasure?

On a side note ... hello to a special friend Mara (if you are reading this from a far), everyday I look at that print of the snow covered vineyards from a top of the Wachtenburg castle … all I can think about is  you, Ronja and my cold, cold nose exploring your village and making our ways through the ankle deep snow. I miss you lot.

In further news,  I did some branding illustration work a while back for a creative powerhouse who lives by what she loves … Tricia from The Itchy Eyes Photography. I wanted to mention her, she has helped me with some work flow + photograph tips a couple of weeks ago and I love her for it. She is an obsessive documenter that is always something I admire in someone. She captures so many delicate and adventurous moments. She inspires me. Her work needs more and more eyes on it. Check her out.

And for some weekly online randoms worth a mention. I've never done this before...

* Holy God, I found my dream Furoshiki (I'll be using the 'Maze by Hannah Waldron' piece as a scarf thank you!)

Julie Thevenot is creating jewellery that makes me jealous. I want it. All. ALL.

* I visit this blog every week. Half Girl. She Makes me want to jump on a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark. Today.

Have a lovely week!  Jo x

All images featured on I Love Saturdays taken by Joanne Thies on Canon 30D w/ 50mm lens.

P.S. Do leave feedback on my prints. I need it. (... and if interested in finding out about a possible online store ... follow me on twitter for news!) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

End of a Sabbatical - Limited Edition Prints

It's been long.

Way too long.

I didn't pass out and face mash my keyboard for months, I have been on a blog sabbatical.

Actually let's be totally honest,  I have been feeling blog stunted. 

I love the doing but I stopped liking the editing, the fine tuning, the image resizing, the organising, the filing. I work for a publisher in web and digital design, blogging + breathing social media, it can be draining.  My personal, organised creative pockets were filled with nothing but loose change. This is normal right? 

So I have been drowning in the doing, eating, moving, cooking, looking, searching for little life adventures, all with a superbly focused attention span … but when it gets to that step, the one that requires me to focus, to write, document these curiosities in a form suitable for the internet,  I do a slow moving, backward walk away feeling slightly anxious up until something else crosses my field of view... which mostly happens to be the glint of sunlight flirting with me from the open window, or quite simply a amply iced cupcake (I visit Poppy's cupcake shop ashamedly ... a lot) Next minute I am far, far, far from my grey, powdered finish laptop. 

Something changed last Saturday. I woke up and was compelled to come back. Zombie style. 

I am collating a bit of a print catalogue … so I have been doing mini photo shoots in the light filled spare room. I have prints to sell. Here are some I documented. Some images feature some my favourite details of my new home ... which I just recently moved into! Green and blue seen from every big window, big sky. It has lots and lots of light and sits on top of a hill. Best of all, I share it with a total dreamboat. Neither of us don't own many things, and I like the simplicity in that. 

Some of the prints (plus more which are not featured here) will be available at an upcoming limited edition prints exhibition IMAGE SETTER – Group print & illustrator show this Friday at Bleeding Heart Gallery - Prints are on a lovely Rag Photographic paper and all are limited editions of 10 and an easy compact size of 297mm x 210mm.

 I like them a lot. 

More details on how to purchase online soon. Interested? Shoot me an email and I can supply mates rates. joannethies (at)

P.S. If you missed my contributor posts to Lost At E Minor recently, these are my personal highlights. Three very public crushes of mine Knit Pirate, Yokoo BigraanCom Truise and I are Engaged & Natalina Grybowski

Hurrah for returning from blog sabbaticals! Jo x

Pictures all taken with Canon 30D - 50mm lens