Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The lovely Melbourne charms & thigh cramps.

Last time I was in Melbourne I was in the circus painting hairy faces. 

I have returned sans paint brush to find she is just as charming as I remember. 

I spent a couple of days in Melbourne at either end of a week long trip which consisted of nomad adventures and driving along the bottom edge of this country.

 A much needed break. 

I ate two steaks in one single night in Apollo Bay, got naked while sandwiched in-between the bottom cliffs of Australia and Antarctica (i'm not a nudist but I can see the attraction at this point … don't tell Mum or Dad) had a majestic afternoon experience stalking some platypus on Lake Elizabeth, I drank my weight in coffee and bathed in scones, jam & cream daily, drove down as many dirt tracks as we could find (which turned out to be worth it everytime!) and planned our days according to the time the sun rose and sank.

Not being particularly great at re-laying said adventures with clarity and coherence …  I present to you stage one of my magical Melbourne tour. 

I love you Melbourne, It's quite the ritual for Brisbane folk who have left the nest (even temporarily) to relentlessly 'Brisbane bash' while their back is turned and to be honest it's hard not to when in your arms.  If you weren't so cold to me on those lonely late nights I would actually consider moving to be with you … but I just can't deny the love my blood and bones hold for the swealter and year long sunshine of my home here in Brisbane.  

P.S. Bartender with the mustard mesh shirt, 90's circle glasses and curly afro hair at the rooftop bar,  I'm sorry for getting all journalistic paparazzi (that's a new one) on you.  You're just the best human I've seen in ages + for your information anyone of adult age,  the 'scenic' railway at Luna Park is not scenic. It gave me thigh cramps and left me traumatised. 

Until stage two. Huzzah!