Monday, November 30, 2009

Its a black and white globe between Dalby and Laos

Some black and white morsels from my recent trip to Laos & Dalby race day (what polar opposites) should keep your eyes satisfied ... for now.

Pen on paper - oh yeah!

Time for a frolic, then a nanna nap

… going beyond my saturday self guided initiative … breaking the rules! Here are some monday evening delights. I take lots of photos, here are some!  Lets all ignore tomorrow is Tuesday? Lets go frolicking in a German forest, take a dip in the freezing Danube … perhaps take a nanna nap on a north coast NZ pier? 


So this weekly initiative has begun … see you next saturday!
 *NOTE: due to sheer frustration that another blog admin was inflicting, I decided to move myself to blogger! ... so the last fortnight will be in one overdose post. Horrah for freedom!