Friday, April 30, 2010

Few days in the park, paper bag + longneck in hand.

Ive seriously neglected my drawing. Poor old pen and paper - i miss the doodling. On a better note, Ive been on picnics. Lots of them. Soaking in the sun.

I took a dreamboat on a picnic on the saturday. On the sunday a group of lovely people took me on one! Here are the snaps! Two contrasting picnics for all the good reasons. I spent 2 whole days in the park in West End. Such a beautiful park. Grass perfection like i have never ever seen or felt. I need to visit more often. I ate lots of cheese.

Next week I aim to show some works on paper - works in progress. Pen on paper line work gets me all excited!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I love Saturdays - especially when they are attached to Anzac day long weekend

Its Anzac Day long weekend! Just gorgeous weather. I have been picnic-ing it up to the max. My weekend post is another of my fav saturday images, collection of the best arvs. These have got to be my fav. This weekend has profound meaning and I guess it comes down to reflecting on what was and what we now have. Ive been thinking, all good thoughts. Here they are in photo format. Happy weekend... see you next week.