Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cold, geometric and gun metals. I am sorry mystery woman.

I don't have much to say, except this week I came across a jewellers website. She made large geometric gorgeous, pendants and earrings from blocks of metals and rocks... so stunning, cold, gold, silver and gun metal grey and geometric.  I instantly grabbed my diary and doodled till dinner time. Her wares got me inspired. All i wanted to do was make lines. linework. more linework! When about to post her details, i realised I lost her name, lost her website. I have nothing. she is a total mystery to me now. Her beautiful skills and talent are lost to me. im devastated. I have googled and googled to no avail. Mystery jeweller woman who are you. total mystery. 

I have 20 pages of illustrations all because of you mystery woman. Im sorry. She had a stockist in Melbourne ... alas. On this disappointing note, I chose a few key doodles. Here they are.

 Can you make me some pendants for me? Are these objects familiar to you, can you help me?

In a better note, hand me my red wine. Its a Saturday night! x 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If time is my vessel, then learning to love might be my way back to sea

so here are some sweet sweet pics of my sweet sweet Tasmanian tiny adventure.  

{ My trusty cannon point and shoot was claimed by the beaches of the town of 1770. I bought a new one, this one is a sony cybershot point and shoot something something} 

All pics taken with my new pocket size toy.

I saw a pair of wombats in Cradle Mountain national park  which was a total thrill, I recall screaming like a wild bush banshie in excitement! I have never actually understood how wombats fit into our Australian landscape till now. It made perfect sense, the mother and baby wombats were perfectly camouflaged amongst the bush and rough grass, I wondered why everyone else around me wasn't as excited as me.   I drank multiple bottles of wine in celebration of Dreamboats birthday and and had the best of intentions of climbing to the summit of cradle mountain ... however a cabin with a wood fire delayed the early morning rise, so a trek around dove lake was next best option. We had a Guinness in Chopper Reids old pub, I caught up with a lovely Hobart local and drove from one side of the island to the other. Heaps of roadkill. I poked a beautiful dead echidna with a stick and encountered some bush walking elitism. good times. 

Brisbane just seemed like a dirty ole prozzy when I returned. Brisbane just keeps bulldozing every last bit of heritage in the city which is such a shame. the Deen and Deen brothers have alot to blame. So much stunning architecture and history was decimated in the late 70s - 80s. Hobart is so wholesome in the best ways, the way I imagined when I was a tiny kid in school ... the type of Australia that would be waiting for me when i grew up. I do Love Brisbane, but miss the ye olde. 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OMG Design for sweet, sweet Mankind.

OMG sending a huge thanks to Design for Mankind, can you feel it? I love saturdays was featured last week! 

This is one of my favourite sites, I visit it daily .. so what an honor! Super excited to have been included. Erin, I have said it before ... your are one hunk of a woman. You kick ass. 

My Tasmaninan Triangle was featured  - illustration overlay on photo. 

I loved Tasmania, im back now .. back to the trashy trashy nature of the mainland. Posting some sweet pics on Saturday.

 Check out the site, there would be no doubt you already visit... its a constant stream of delicious eye food!

The Colour

Hey you! Find me on and LOVE me, won't you please? Its not a real commitment, you wont have to share a bed with me or anything. Find me.... HERE!

Just came accross this site, its a reader submitted collection of Australian images. Which is cool. Read more ... .. 
(P.S. Thanks for your submission Kiki! )

Friday, July 16, 2010

Floral friday fornicating for your eyeballs

pen on paper + geometric shapes.

Silly doodles make me pretty happy. 

 Im back from a small holiday and wanting to go back on one already. Im thinking about flowers today and I cannot wait until tomorrow for my post, short attention span.  Im thinking aout geometric shapes and non smelling flowers. Ive never been a fan of flowers. In fact, when someone once gave me a bouquet my first thing to mind was "what have you done?" ... and my heart sunk. Expecting only the worst, perhaps a lie. 

Here are some florals for you reader.