Friday, September 24, 2010

Benita asked - behind a photoshoot.

All photos taken on location at Vue Appartments, Brisbane.

So I was asked to take some photos for a shoot. Her name is Benita, and she has a project to manage - a photoshoot. My first thought was ..what? you want WANT? Me to photograph ... people, actual moving models? As the panic rose, she promptly finished her sentence with 'behind the scene photos, your type of photos... like on you blog'. Silly me.  Relief washed over me like a wave.

Here are some of my favourite images I took from the afternoon/evening.   

The day started with awkward stranger silences, straight backs & darty eyeballs. We all left exhausted, satisfied and keen to see the images.

Benita handled the project wonderfully. Kept her calm. She is cute as a button - which is to her detriment I believe at times as I think some people don't see past her cute as a button face ...  the mature, intelligent quirk that she is - because she is so adorable, and pocket size. She still gets carded in her mid twenties. Hope you like the images Benita. You champ you.

Project manager: Benita Eldridge
Models: Lauren and Felicity

Make Up: Kathryn Rose
Hair, styling and clothing: Lexi Wittke of Label Evelyn Curtis
Kate Rampling was the official photographer. She too was cute as a button. A talented button. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is my future. Or parts of it.

So this is my future, or how I will see it.Geo future goodness! I imagine myself fading ... looking back on some of my days in faded geometrics, layered and fuzzy. 

illustration overlay on photographs - various locations

Monday, September 6, 2010

You, me & the quiet. What is your top three?

Someone recently told me their three favourite things at the moment were going to the cafe for breakfast, eating sushi and sleeping. This is my favourite thing right now. Just the one thing. 

What is your top three?

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