Friday, November 5, 2010

An open letter to my brooch collection.

pen on paper - illustrations - Joanne Thies

So my little pretties, im going away for a little while. I cannot take you with me. You will stab me, possibly break, crack under the pressure. Im leaving you at home. I love and will miss you.

Im so excited to next week be jumping on a plane. Godamn I love planes! Every day is going to be like a Saturday! The language barrier does get hard. I feel so little and stupid trying to order a coffee in a foreign language - but it still feels so good. I hope to find lots of little treasures along the way. Im taking both my cameras so I won't get lonely. My friends - I cannot wait to visit you and meet lots of strangers.  HORRAH! Dreamboat + my family - Ill miss you too

I wont be posting while away - Im back in January. BUT ill do my best to collect lots of eye ball drool worthy delights.  A cold, weird, scary lonely, perhaps odd Christmas is actually something Ive dreamt about for a long time but was just to scared to go beyond my comfort level. So here I go. HAZZZZZAH!