Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paris is burning, all night long. Bonsoir Lovely!


These street side snaps are from my midnight jaunts mainly around the back streets of Montmartre, Paris. Day time snaps will come next week - i'll keep my thoughts on Paris in my sleeve until then. 

All I can say about the night time is that it was really hard to get my snaps, empty handed I seem to attract the crazies, but with camera in hand it gets out of control.  The nights were freezing and I ate nothing but blue cheese, savory pancakes, and spied on the bevvies of handsome men strolling in and out of the sex shops alone - left with nothing but wonder. Everyone dresses so amazingly ... it hurt my head just to keep people watching.

Every second in Paris was such a delight I was bursting with such excitement it was hard to look casual. It snowed while I was there. The locals seem to freak out when it snows, everything stopped - it felt like a war was going to break out. It didn't. Bonsoir to you Frenchies ... see you again very soon, I hope.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boros Bunker Berlin!

The Boros Bunker Collection. I jumped on my tredley on that freezing German morning in Berlin and raced to my appointment at the Berlin Boros Collection Bunker. (only to stop and adore the fixed cement table tennis table that is in the middle of the court yard across the road  ... making me 5 mins late) I only had time to put on one glove ... it was painful. Other than the stinging left hand ... I had one of the best exhibition experiences of my life. 

If in the Mitte area in Berlin - freaking go. This blocky massive building has quite a history. Storing the Nazis, Soviet Army, Fruit and Veg, Famous hardcore Techno Club, Textile Factory and now the most impressive collection of artwork I have ever experienced.

The S & M strobe lighting room was pretty memorable  .... I wish I had jotted down ALL the details, I have nothing to share but these pictures - no names ... work titles.  Just know you reader should go. To be honest, Im not quite sure if Mr Boros would be too impressed with my pictures. But Mr Boros can call me anytime to talk about it. I would love to share a cup of tea with this man, preferably in the penthouse suite of the bunker. So get your skates on you Germans!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blankets bring people together.

Here we are! Side by side on the street - two little strangers. Joao and I. A Porto local and a Australian ... far from home. I couldnt' help but blur our faces ... just a little bit.

A meeting of 2 artists arranged  by a third stranger (Thanks Bec from Blanket mag) I mentioned this a few weeks back thought it was time I added it on I Love Saturdays. I hope to keep in contact with Joao and his partner in love and crime (Maria Helena who I unfortunately didn't meet = but I love her illustrations - check them out here!). Im keen to get back to Portugal one day. I did a stack of illustrations on the Train from Lisbon to Porto to mark my strange stranger meeting! Here they are. My brother and I waited on the street for Joao, I was so weirdly nervous ... made eye contact with every dude that walked past - odly exciting and weirdly uncomfortable. But it was super cool to meet and talk shop.

I made Joao hold one of my illustrations (which felt really dorky to ask) and I took a picture (I didn't include it because we are both making silly faces) Awesome.

So, if you reader are headed to Brisbane, Australia. Look me up. I'll show you around ... on one condition. You do a little doodle for me!

Thanks for Bec constructing the meeting - you are doing just what you wanted. Super rad!

Joao Bento Soares - here
His studio, two dot two -  here
And .. Blanket Magazine

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never liked Port much, too sweet. Porto is a modest pastel love.

 Porto is a different story. A one night stay.  I loved the place. A modest Lisbon. The buildings, so old, in tatters amongst gorgeous art nouveau and gothic delights. It felt empty of tourists and full of only locals. I met up with the blind artist-date stranger Joao here and spent my limited time exploring what I could, taking pictures when I remembered! I was a bit too busy walking and finding ... trying to stay awake as much as I could while knowing I was headed to France the next day.

 My little heart was bursting with anticipation. All images here taken from my 2 days in Porto. I had a home cooked pizza with capsicum, talked too much to a Norwegian stranger while cooking dinner, spent some time doodling some doodles to mark my meeting with Joao. Next post will explain all. A memorable stop was to the Lello bookstore (opened in 1906). What a gem. 

One of my favourite images is of the Lillo roof and floor side by side - the roof and the stair case just Aaaah-mazing.. 

One other few things. The pastels and the reds, greens, blues. Holy crap the colours. How can my home town be so in love with metal, steel and the brand new packaged plain. Portugal is such a visual delight. Oh, the seagulls, it's weird being in this little city with seagulls, watching your ever alleyway move, swooping and screaming at you. It was kinda nice. And really weird.

Another favourite is the old chandelier hanging in the stinkiest, dirtiest foyers I have seen! I wans't sure if it was a hotel, brothel, squat or what! I had to go in ... I looked up and found this amazing thing hanging down at me. I want it. I NEED IT! Farewell Porto. Im hoping my good friend get's her scholarship in Portugal. Best excuse to return.