Monday, January 30, 2012

Documenting Saturdays and a love for bridges.

Weekends exploring my town. The beaches and city streets, its harder to see all things exciting and new with stale eyes. So I've been attempting to take my normal routes with my traveller set of eyeballs, point and shoot + pen and paper.  A little documenting always turns out harder and longer than expected. 

Photos and doodles taken in the following locations, in no specific order all in my hood of South East Queensland Australia. Rainbow Beach, West End, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Woolloowin Train Station, Kings Beach Caloundra, Stanthorpe Winery + region, Manly, Redcliffe, South Bank, Central Train Station, outside Gallery of Modern Art, my lounge room and here are my favourites > under the Victoria Bridge, on the Kurilpa Bridge, near the William Jolly Bridge and all time super favourite, across from the Story Bridge (second from the top)

Im a little excited to be heading to the hills of Ubud in Bali Indonesia in March, on a celebratory birthday trip.  My traveller eyeballs are so ready. I miss getting on planes and ready for some new scenery. 

If you have holiday or travel images on your blog / flicker / website - please leave your address ... my holiday is not close enough. I need photo eye candy! 

Huzzah for holidays!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brooch collectors, photo lovers unite! Instagram love.

Above:  brooch collection documentation images taken via instagram for the iphone.

 Hello and happy new year to you! Yes, a little belated, but I haven't touched a computer in over 10 days and how fantastic that actually feels! I have been dirty, haven't brushed my teeth or hair in quite a while, although that may be too much information. It feels great.

So, after some resistance, I finally got an iphone, something that brought my closest friends and colleagues some serious gruff. They just couldn't understand my resilience.  I just wanted to remain separate, I just didn't want the internet in my palm. I work in the digital and web industry, constantly working on and designing for a computer and ipad screen, on my down time I much prefer the distraction to focus on paper, pen, camera, pencil. Feel separate for a moment from the online stream.

 To be honest what really broke my decision, to lay it all out ... WAS FOOD. I needed a phone that could hunt, find recipes, my favourite food, favourite restaurants on the spot when I had the urge! That is what tipped me. My designer friends and colleagues gave me even more gruff when they found I finally got the iphone so I could basically have an avenue to find my fave food!

Moving on, I am now actually loving it mainly for the instagram app. I am loving watching strangers pics, fave moments in their day, I adore watching seeing pics filter through from my favourite places on earth while I reside here in Australia, but long to be back there ... Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,  Germany, France ... I need more!

So accessible, no matter what your skill, I love seeing people love photography, what scene strikes their eye. 

If you have the instagram app - shoot me your instagram name via the comments section or email me joannethies(at) so I can follow you - or you can follow me!

Search 'ilovesaturdays' in the app and you will find my account.

If you don't have it - download it via itunes >

I found its very handy for documenting my brooch collection, some sample images of some favourite collectables above. Here goes!