Friday, March 2, 2012

Square One, opening tonight!

A little while back, The Strutten collective interviewed me for their site here and showcased some of my documentary photography work here - they recently asked me to participate in their second exhibition 'Square One - an exploration and celebration of Brisbane creatives and their journey' - if you are in Brisbane, get your little bottom to the opening tonight at Bleeding Heart Gallery a lovely space in a beautiful historic Brisbane building, head to Stutten to check out all the info online.

This will be my first foray into showing photographic prints that are, well, printed by real automated machines (it's the future!) I have a close and lovable history in etching, lithography and drawing … so I am literally at square one with this. Having my own expectations met after handing over my own work in files to a printer was a slightly unnerving process. I didn't get to print them myself or have any control in the printing process. I will be showing a small body of work, 10 art prints on lovely rag paper... all  images taken in Lisbon and Paris ... some layered with illustration. It will be a little like a tactile blog post on the wall! No sore eyes here people.

I am super keen to share a few beers with you, so please drop by and if you notice me, stop me and say HI!  I will be exhibition alongside some other very awesome Brisbane creatives - particularly looking forward partially seeing Dominique Falla's installation piece in the flesh. I love the short little film the talentedYarron Frauenfelder from This is Neu made too ...

It's going to be a fun night. Huzzah! x presents Square One. from strutten on Vimeo.