Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The secret island & its simplicity.

           A weekend documenting the most beautiful island I have been on. More pictures to come.

On this particular weekend just recently gone by we probably saw about a hundred whales pass by, countless dolphins, turtles, kangaroos, no stingrays or sharks this time … but will expect to see them next time. No doubt. My god … my lens got so dirty it felt good. 

It's only about an hour away from Brisbane and is quite the secret. 

So many Queensland locals have never been here. Like me I guess, most of us are so eager to travel as far as way as possible in search of an adventure. My first trip here was only 2 years ago. I am one of those people that just never knew or cared for what others said, up until I was taken there by a dreamboat who has been coming here all his life to show me around …  I don't want to share where this is.  It should remain a secret, but this is it. 

Stradbroke Island. Don't tell anyone.

I'm fearful it will one day change. The simplicity is what I love the most. It feels like everything is as it was 20 years ago, minus perhaps the cigarette butts in the sand.

Taking photos started for me with a roll of Ilford film, a box of Ilford photographic paper, delayed dark room eye adjustment, heavy smells and itchy skin. Things have changed. This set of pictures were taken on my Canon 30D digital slr using for the first time … an Iflord HP emulator in Lightroom. I have really, really  missed black & white. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dreamy Creams & Fabric Covered Days.

Some favourite moments from recent times. No meaning here but lovely light, pretty texture, soft blues and pleasing hues. All taken with my Canon 30D - 50mm lens.

Most of these images were snapped while on location at this vintage fair for The Weekend Edition online, the fair was brimming with so much gorgeous texture it was hard to restrain and I love looking at these pictures, all the soft fabrics in the Sunday sun.  Some pics taken more recently while drawing & making multiple coffees at home, a couple taken while trawling the city streets.

I'm seriously thinking on a camera upgrade, a full sensor upgrade, my current 30D has the crop factor, and curious to know how the full sensor will feel - would love to know what equipment others are using,  let me know what you can recommend, what is your favourite SLR body +  lenses? Please, please, pretty, pretty please. 

Leave your much loved + appreciated recommendations or thoughts in the comments field or even email me joannethies(at)

On another note, are you on instagram? I want to see you pics. Here's my handle @ilovesaturdays what's yours?